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(Experience with Storybuilt, Austin TX)

DESIGN TEAM: Peggy Heim, Estrella Juarez, Delaney Banister, Shalmali Wagle, Diego Zubizarreta

ROLE: Design Development through 100% Construction Documentation for East and West Parcels | BIM Modelling & Sheets in Revit for East and West Parcels

AREA: ≈ 44,000 SFT

The project comprises of the East and West Parcels on an approx 1.4 acres site in Seattle WA. The East Parcel primarily hosts 2-BR Homes (12 Units) stacked over lower 1-BR ADUs (12 Units), perched along the ridge of a hill with mountain views to the east. Shared Amenities include exterior decks, bike storage, mail kiosks and trash collection. The West Parcel is a mix of Duplex 3-BR Homes (15 Units) and 1-BR ADUs (5 Units) with private yards. Shared Amenities include exterior courtyards, connected pedestrian paths, bike storage, mail kiosks and trash collection.

20211209_Final Rendering.jpg
20211129_Beacon Hill - AERIAL_SK_with extensions.jpg
20211129_Beacon Hill - SPINE1.jpg
20211129_Beacon Hill - Middle.jpg
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