Public Sex
The Final Coming of a Radical Sincerity in Architecture
Inverse Times Square At New York
Cinema, Psychology and Architecture
Refurbishing Wulai for Cohesiveness
Urban Design Project
Spiretec International at New Delhi
--- Mixed-Use Development in a situation of Congestion.
Ecotel Eco-Resort at Hyderabad
--- Passive Energy Conservation and Eco-management Technologies.
Central Prison at Trivandrum
--- Correctional Architecture at the intersection of Law and Psychology.
DLF Township at Cochin
--- Maximum Utilization of Property and Laws for Profit.
Office Headquarters at Hyderabad
--- Facade Innovations with Natural Solutions for Efficiency.
Healing Centre and Retreat at Mulshi
--- Working with Nature - extreme contours and a natural stream.
Weekend Residence at Karjat
--- Working with Nature - extreme contours and a natural stream.
Twin Farmhouses at New Delhi
--- High-end Farmhouse Retreats within a chaotic urban setting.
Gated Community at Gurgaon
--- Community Retreat within a fast-paced Urban Environment.
Lobby Interiors at Manipal
--- Working within constraints of Space and Colour Palette.
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