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PUBLIC SEX:  The Final Coming of a Radical Sincerity in Architecture (A Graduate Thesis Project)

Challenging the insincerity of Urban Public Space towards Sex.

The question that I pose with this project is not whether it will work. The question is, if it does work, how different the world would be?

The inability of our city's architecture to demonstrate a more sincere set of attitudes towards the basic physiological instinct of sex in the tangible physical realm is resulting in the mass exodus of Sexual Organics from the physical to the alternate virtual realm in search of pleasure. Kurt Lewin's field theory for psychology (much like Situationism) is be expressed by a formula: B = f(p,e), meaning that behavior (B) is a function of the person (p) and his/her environment. Human behavior is determined by surrounding environments rather than by personal qualities. So what if our environments and its architecture were impregnated by the thoughts of Sigmund Freud, Wilhelm Reich, Herbert Marcuse, Jacques Lacan, Michel Foucault and other such promoters of sexual liberation?




Phase I

Phase II

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