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(Experience with Marcy Wong Donn Logan Architects, Berkeley CA | Client: Orton Development Inc.)

MWDL DESIGN TEAM: Marcy Wong, Kent Royle, Ketki Shah, Sophie Boyle, Shalmali Wagle, Lerena Zhao

ROLE: Architectural Drawing Set in AutoCAD | Lighting Design Drawings and Details in AutoCAD | 

AREA: 18,200 SF

Constructed in 1912, the building’s original purpose had been to generate power and serve as an electrical substation that transformed and distributed electrical power for a 69-acre shipyard along San Francisco’s waterfront. The design team worked closely with the Port of San Francisco, the National Park Service, and California’s State Historic Preservation Office to adapt the historic industrial structure for 21st century office use. A new mezzanine level is constructed along the south and the west sides of the structure, providing an overview of the main level. In addition to the main existing level and a new mezzanine, the building has a lower level, which has low ceilings and is below grade along one side. A new 2,600 SF addition to the lower level provides day-lit open work area while the roof of the addition provides a deck accessible from the building's main floor level; both deck and main level overlook a City park and a bridge beyond. Throughout the building, the architectural lighting design with new lighting fixtures and other interventions are instrumental in transforming the interior from an electrical powerhouse to a humane and uplifting environment for the technology workers. 

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