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WEEKEND RESIDENCE AT KARJAT. (Architectural Internship with Opolis Architects, Mumbai)

Working with Nature - extreme contours and a natural stream.

DESIGN TEAM: Rahul Gore, Sonal Sanchetti, Shalmali Wagle

AREA: 3000 SFT

Provided with a lavish site of 2.5 acres, the clients desired a quiet and peaceful weekend home that could also be used to entertain guests on ocassion. The highlight of this extremely contoured site is the valley-like depression in the middle of the site and the views provided by the mountain ranges in the North, South and East. The site that experiences heavy rainfall during the monsoons was dealt with in a way so as to create a small haven that nestles in the landscape and provides for basic requirements of a weekend retreat. The idea was to design the house like a bridge that joins the two landforms that create the valley and to utilize the valley below for the flow of a natural rivulet.

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