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(Experience with Marcy Wong Donn Logan Architects, Berkeley CA | Developer: Orton Development Inc.)

MWDL DESIGN TEAM: Marcy Wong, Kent Royle, Shalmali Wagle | Renderings by Peter Logan | Associate Architects: SOM |

ROLE: Conceptual Design | Proposal Booklet in Adobe Creative Suite | Design Team Meetings | Compilation of Public Presentation |

Responding to a generational chance to create a vibrant community and new opportunities for the City of Richmond, the proposal creates well-paying jobs and quality housing for Richmond residents with diverse income levels, ages, and backgrounds. The historic core, and the fragile buildings at Winehaven, are protected and returned to life as part of a vibrant creative district, to be used for generations to come, while the open spaces, from the hills down to the shoreline and water beyond, are preserved and reopened to the public. The design team for the proposal comprised of experts in master-planning, architecture, landscape architecture, urban design, historic preservation, and adaptive reuse, bringing their experience in meeting the complex challenges of community building, historic rehabilitation, and open space design to Point Molate, to realize a project that is functional, beautiful, diverse, and sustainable.

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