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SPIRETEC INTERNATIONAL AT NEW DELHI. (A Competition Project - Experience with ASG Associates, New Delhi)

Mixed-Use Development in a situation of Congestion. 

DESIGN TEAM: Arun S. Ghosh, Shalmali Wagle, Swarnabh Ghosh, Khyati Saraf

The design aims at creating an integrated mixed-use complex based on the principle of “live-work-play” wherein diverse activities and functions are layered and unified through physical connections at various levels. The design is developed on the ancient concept of the evolution of vocations, lifestyle and leisure around a central water body.

The buildings are connected at an intermediate level through multi-level sky bridges. Accessible rooftops are developed as terrace gardens for recreation and community farming; while the peripheral walking tracks provided allow for intermediate green floors. Metal screens on the south face of the metal (stepped glazings in order to utilise the sunlight more appropriately and a skin of moveable fins protect the facade of the Incubation Centre.

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