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(Experience with Marcy Wong Donn Logan Architects, Berkeley CA)

MWDL DESIGN TEAM: Marcy Wong, Kent Royle, Peter Logan, Deb Struthers, Shalmali Wagle | Renderings by Peter Logan |

ROLE: Assistance in Architectural Drawing Sets for various Submittals

AREA: 96,000 SF

The project is comprised of five interconnected buildings, constructed between 1906 through approximately 1940, that have housed a variety of uses, primarily a paint factory. The buildings sit on two separate parcels and have been identified as a historic resource by the City. The project undertakes an adaptive reuse renovation and selective removal and reconstruction of building elements to make the building ready for new research and development labs. The five existing buildings in the project are designated as Buildings A through E, with Building B intended to be demolished and replaced, while the remaining buildings intended to be retained and refurbished -- (1) Building A is 4 stories comprising of 29,400 SF intended for R&D/Lab program; (2) Building B is 3 stories (new) comprising of 7,500 SF intended for R&D/ Lab program;  (3) Building C is 4 stories comprising of 12,100 SF intended for R&D/Lab program, (4) Building D is 1+ Mezzanine comprising of 6,000 SF intended for Restaurant/Retail use; and (5) Building E is 5 stories comprising of 29,400 SF intended for R&D/Lab use.

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